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Trade Think may offer you an edge by using diversification. We believe this because we use diversification across multiple market sectors and multiple time-frames. Many investors will utilize multiple time-frames and multiple market sectors to get a smoother equity curve.

Our algorithms are designed for end users looking for portfolio diversification, such as we are following the most markets. This is of great importance since not all markets trend at a given time and proper diversification provides opportunity to get in to more trends.

Trade Think develops systems as alternative investments that deliver precise trading signals every day for nearly every major market.

We are using leverage and respecting it. It is important to maximize your upside potential while limiting downside risk. Leverage is a double edged sword and we respect it. We have highly specialized algorithms that continuously calculate the magnitude of the trend and show us when and where to get out if there is a pullback or reversal. See for yourself and sign up for a no obligation complementary evaluation of our signals.

All of our trading strategies can be self traded or auto-traded. There are brokers to manage our algorithms for you.

We license how many contracts are traded by our software so that they don't lose their robustness.

What makes our algorithms unique is their robustness. We use the same self adaptive core entry algorithm for every market we follow. We are unique in that we use multiple time-frame diversification.

Trade Think

Our robust trading algorithms were designed many years ago and our core algorithms are still applied.

Most other vendors may change their systems often and release new versions of their offerings because what once worked for them in the past on paper may not work for them in the real world. Trade Think is proud that our core algorithms are still in use.


When to enter When to exit
Where to enter Where to exit
    Market Direction

Precision Generated Ahead of the Trend

Trade Think is not like the typical curve-fit and over algorithm that you see advertised on various financial websites. In fact, our original system is still in use today.

Even professional traders use Trade Think's diversification for their own trading.

Trade Think's proprietary technology literally searches and calculates (using advanced algorithms) automatically for you to help identify trends. We will show you precisely where to place your orders.

Our data can be accessed by our members at anytime on demand via our exclusive member's area of the website. Our data eill show things like; such as precisely when to enter and exit the market, where to take profits; and calculated losses including where to set protective and trailing stops. THE USE OF STOP LOSS OR CONTINGENT ORDERS MAY NOT PROTECT PROFITS, AND MAY NOT LIMIT LOSSES TO THE AMOUNT INTENDED. CERTAIN MARKET CONDITIONS MAKE IT DIFFICULT OR IMPOSSIBLE TO EXECUTE SUCH ORDERS.You don't have to be a professional or experienced trader to utilize our diversified trading systems.