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Algorithms are a huge part of the markets. Many professional and successful investors will employ Algorithms to help track the major trends across the markets.

In our opinion, one of the main reasons that Algorithms are used to track the markets is the uncanny ability to recognize when new trends have started and about to end. This is of such vital importance because when you know if a trend is about to begin or end then you know when and where to watch potential moves.

Trade Think

Trade Think has Algorithms for small to medium size portfolios.

In the dedicated Algorithms below, notice how that they can be traded across different numbers of markets for various account sizes.

MT X Pro

Hypothetical Performance

A note about average return performance. An average is an average of all years combined and divided. A high average does NOT mean each year has shown that performance, as some years will be lower and other years may be higher. There will be and have been years where the performance is substantially lower than average.
Account sizes range:
from $20,000
a 5 market diversified portfolio.
Reports System Account Size Average Annual%

Average Annual

Average DD
Trading Systems MT X Pro 5 5 market $20,000 92% $18,401 $2,031


ASSUMPTIONS: Based on single contracts on five- twenty six market portfolios. Year totals are based on closed trade equity for that calendar year. Initial Investment $20,000 to $200,000. All profits are not reinvested. Each year starts new. Commission charges and slippage $30-$50. Management and incentive fees: None. All performance that is disclosed on this page must be disclosed as hypothetical. This is in part because there could be differences in slippage and commissions and that a person may or may not take a trade like the signals suggest. It takes great discipline to follow an Algorithm exactly.


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